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Yadoms : The unique solution to drive all your devices with only one software

Bored to have one application to drive your blinds, one other for the lights and one again for your gate ?

Today, each manufacturer make their products with proprietary interfaces and don't try to communicate with other devices.

Yadoms provide a solution that can make devices from different brand speak together and be drivable from only one software.

Yadoms is free !

Forget pricing and proprietary softwares, Yadoms is fully open source and fully free. Download and use it.

If you want the source code, no problem, go on our github page, download it and help us to make it better !

Yadoms is released under GPL v3 licence.
All plugins, widgets and scripts developped are released under LGPL v3 licence.

Control your house

Your home obeys your every orders

Automate your house

Build scenarii to automate tasks like watering your garden
or auto-close blinds when night is falling.

You can also ask to Yadoms to send you an SMS
if you forget to close garage door at night fall.

With Yadoms, Automation is as simple as a puzzle game !

Visualize your data

Be notified

Receive notification when someone rings to your door or when your house plants needs water !

Keep ownership of your data

Because your privacy is important, Yadoms keeps your data in your house

One solution to rule them all

Collect and Drive all your devices from many brands with only one software

Run on many devices

You can run Yadoms server on many devices like an old Windows XP machine,
a Linux machine, a raspberry PI even on a Mac.


Yadoms supports a wide range of Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10


Yadoms supports many Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, etc.


Yadoms supports many OSx version from Maverick to newest

Light weight Hardwares

Yadoms is very light and uses only standard libraries that can be rebuilt to run on lightweight hardware like a raspberry PI.

Expand features

Many Plugins available to expand server functionnalities and device communication.
Lots of widgets to display your customized dashboard.